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Accounting has just told us that engineering is again wildly over budget
for the last month.  This month is it more than double than last.  And,
last month we were told “fix it or there will be layoffs”.
As with July, this looks like it is mostly items ordered for the production
system that was charged to engineering and has to be transferred over.
And, my boss wants me to try and decode what some of these charges are so
they can be moved.

It’s tough with charge descriptions like:
“Remaining amount”
“Misc Parts”
“Paint Stocking”
“Ready to use sel”
“Automatic Center”

But the one that stood out the most was “Truly Endless B”.
I haven’t a clue to that.
But, last night while we were driving off to the movies, my wife suggested
some things it could mean and suggested a quiz.  So, here you go.

[Poll #1865941]
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So, while eating lunch, my fingers slipped and my bottle of peach/orange juice up ended and poured into my keyboard. It filled up and overflowed onto the rest of the desk.

But, that's OK, right?
It's just sugar filled fruit juice, that can't be bad for electronics, can it?
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Today our new office should be getting our new furniture.
I was sent over to make sure it all goes well as I worked with furniture for 6 years.
So far, it's not here. Just a painter who likes to talk to himself in a language I don't know...
I thought it was here when a big truck pulled into the parking lot. But the driver checked something in the back, then moved on.
I hope it shows up soon. I have a ton of actual work to get done today, and standing here waiting for furniture to arrive isn't getting it done.


Jul. 23rd, 2008 04:03 pm
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We make perforated panels that let air flow through them.
We make solid metal panels for stopping sound.
Today, a customer called and asked for a perforated panel, that lets air through, that would also stop sound.
"Just let the air through, not the sound with it," they said.
So, I guess I need a sound filter. Anyone got one?
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I made a part for the trade show 24" too long by selecting the wrong option when I added it to the print.
I hate when I mess up.
We may be able to salvage it, but I still feel like and idiot.
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So, I came in this morning and my computer wouldn't start.
Bad power supply.
The IT woman took it away...
I hope it comes back...

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