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Things continue to be weird at work. I get all sorts of mixed signals from my boss. But, another week, still employed, so that’s good.

Next week is the big eclipse and I’ve been planning for several years to go off and see it.
13 months ago I made hotel reservations. They weren’t at my first choice. But, I couldn’t get in there even more than a year ago.
But, I found a place. I booked a room.

Thursday they emailed me that due to "maintenance on the room" they had to cancel my reservation.
Checking I saw that they did still have rooms, but at $800 a night instead of the $150 I booked 13 months ago.
So, I don’t believe they are doing maintenance on a Sunday night. I think they got greedy and cancelled my room so they could resell it to someone more than 5x the price.

This weekend we were going to go up to New Hampshire and visit our friends there who live on a lake.
This morning as we got ready to go, we got a message that our friend got food poisoning or some very potent stomach bug last night and had spent the entire night sick.
So, we cancelled going up to see them.
We talked with them this morning and he’s feeling a bit better. Hopefully he’ll be 100 better soon.
We’ll go see them next month.

So, with the weekend now free, I took my car over for the oil change it needed.
But, the spark plugs were going bad.
And, a bearing was going bad.
$1000 to fix it.
I said "OK, but it’s got to be done today."
"No problem."
I got a call at 4.
"We couldn’t get it done. Monday is OK, right?"
"I leave for work at 6:30AM. Will you have it done then?"
"We don’t open until 7:30…"
"Then that’s not OK…"
They did stay late and fix it, and that was good.

When I got home I found a letter in my mail box saying that my doctor had sent a bill I didn’t pay to a collection agency because I hadn’t paid it.
I was very confused as I haven’t had any sort of work done in a while.
When I looked at the bill, it was for $20.
That’s the cost of an office visit.
So, I guess one of my office visits I missed paying on my way out or something like that.
And, they sent me to a collection agency for that.
I have another appointment in 2 weeks.
Strange they couldn’t wait…

What really worries me is, the weekend is only half over.
I hope the second half is better…

Date: 2017-08-13 01:37 pm (UTC)
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Hope Sunday is better

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