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Tuesday morning I dropped our friends at the airport. It seems like everyone in Massachusetts came out to say goodbye to them. I guess that’s nice, but it made it a bit slow.

An interesting name for a moving company.

At work we’re doing a thing to try and do 10,000 steps a day. They gave us pedometers to use to track it.
I make up the missing steps each night on my bike. I think I’m pedaling hard enough since I’m getting the rubber off the tired.

There was less rain this week than the last few. But, the sun seemed to make traffic crazy.

I find this ad in our apartment lobby strange. Don’t they know that it is an apartment and we don’t control the yard?

When we went to the Melbourne Museum (http://fbhjr.livejournal.com/1129383.html ) I bought some Raspberry Drops. I’ve been slowly eating them since.
But, I’m getting pretty low.

As long as I’ve got a few left, some of that vacation remains…

Friday the traffic was very bad.

My wife and I went out to the sushi place near our house for dinner. My wife’s drink came with a little sword through fruit.

This photo on Facebook got a lot of interest.

Saturday I went and got my haircut. It was back to a rainy damp day.

Thinking of Australia again, I went to look for TimTams at the local store. Gone.

I hope it wasn’t a one time thing.

I did find it strange they have a whole Doctor Who section. I remember when few in the US even knew what it was.
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