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Driving in to work today I noticed several things:
I was more tired than normal.
I had much more difficulty getting going than normal.
Traffic was much lighter than normal.
The sun was about 10 degrees lower than I had expected.

What could have caused this?

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Every weekday morning at 9 I’ve got a status meeting at work. Usually
after the status meeting I stop by the lunchroom and buy a scone and a
caffeinated soda.
The scones often sell out, and my favorite kind of soda can also sell out.
So, I usually check when I go in to avoid disappointment.

Today I saw my favorite kind of scone and soda sitting there, so went in.
Then I stopped at the giant pumpkin.
They’re having a contest to guess the weight to win 2 free lunches.
You are not allowed to lift or touch the pumpkin.
You are only allowed one guess.
I made a guess and submitted my answer.
When I turned around, the last scone and my soda were gone.
Very sad.
But, that is the cost of pondering pumpkin poundage…

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