Very weird

Aug. 14th, 2013 10:42 pm
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Very weird
I’ve lived within 50 miles of Boston for 95% of my life.
There was one part of Boston I went to more than twice a month for most of a decade.

We drove through it on our tour of Boston today, and I had no idea where I was.
That part of the city has changed so much that I literally had no idea where I was, even thought it is a place I must have spent hundreds of hours in my life.

I really feel like a time traveler in some distant future. It is very strange.
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Yesterday as I left work I looked down at the clock in my car.
"It was just about this time 13 years ago my father died," I said to myself.
Just then the song that was playing 13 years ago when I went to say goodbye to him came on the radio.
Yeah, that was weird.
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My wife and I were watching a Supernatural episode titled ‘My heart will go on’ where one of the Fates is going around killing people in strange ways.

I needed to iron some shirts, so I was ironing as we watched Fate dispatch people with weird accidents.

I put the iron down. There was a flash, a crackle of shorting electricity, and it caught fire.

It was very strange as it was so close to the sorts of things going on in the episode.

(No worries. Unplugged, out, thrown away. Apparently a frayed cord and too much water from the ironing combined. Sad, now I need a new iron.)

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