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At 7:36AM I put my badge up to the reader at worked and checked in as an official employee of Hamilton Storage Technologies.
While I might make more cash as a contractor, I’m happy to get slightly less cash and more benefits being a full employee.
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I don’t hate everything about February and March, but they aren’t good months for me. If it is any consolation, I feel the same way about August and September

Today is one year since I lost my last full time job. While I’ve got another one impending, I still don’t have it yet.*
Yes, I have been consulting for 5 of those 12 months, so I can’t say I’ve been totally unemployed. But, it is the longest I’ve ever gone without a formal full time job since my first job as an engineer in 1986.

Part of me is not entirely unhappy that reports from that old job say things are not going great without me. I don’t wish them any ill. But, it doesn’t hurt my ego to hear the people I worked with day by day say “they were stupid to let you go.” And when I run into folks from the factory when I’m roaming about Worcester, they always come over and say “hi” to me.**

And, if they recover and do well, that’s just more of the product I designed for them out on the market. So, I hope they recover and do well.

But, I’m still not happy remembering being let go.

*I am told Thursday.

**I am contractually unable to say anything bad about the company management. So, I’m not.

Daffy Duck

Dec. 2nd, 2009 07:26 pm
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I got an email with the subject “job interview request” today.
When I opened it up it was from Aflac. The supplemental insurance people with the duck in their ads. It says in there “I know your past experience may not have been focused on sales or insurance and you may not have considered a career in insurance sales, but some of our most successful associates had résumés just like yours.”
It is true. I never did think of putting my mechanical engineering degree and experience into selling insurance. I’m not at all sure that was an oversight.
I think I’ll skip their job fair. But, if any of you other folks who read this want to consider selling insurance, I can send you the info…
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Well, we finished the Big Bang Theory Season 2 DVDs. They lasted a week. And, only because we rationed ourselves watching them.
My mother in law's eye operation appears to have gone well, and it looks like I don't have to drive her to the follow up tomorrow. So, instead I'll help out fixing up Tom's new house.
I did get an email back from a job I applied to asking for a phone interview. It's a place I applied to three times before over the last 6 months. I don't know if it is persistence or money becoming available. We'll see.

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