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Every weekday morning at 9 I’ve got a status meeting at work. Usually
after the status meeting I stop by the lunchroom and buy a scone and a
caffeinated soda.
The scones often sell out, and my favorite kind of soda can also sell out.
So, I usually check when I go in to avoid disappointment.

Today I saw my favorite kind of scone and soda sitting there, so went in.
Then I stopped at the giant pumpkin.
They’re having a contest to guess the weight to win 2 free lunches.
You are not allowed to lift or touch the pumpkin.
You are only allowed one guess.
I made a guess and submitted my answer.
When I turned around, the last scone and my soda were gone.
Very sad.
But, that is the cost of pondering pumpkin poundage…
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Several times my wife has said:
"I'd send you back to where I got you, but I've lost the box you came in!"
I'm not telling where I found it!
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I have again built up a supply of fortune cookie fortunes. Here is the latest batch in the order that I grab them out of the pile:
1) Fear drives you and makes you better
2) You cannot manage men in battle. You manage things, you lead people.
3) Don’t be hasty; prosperity will knock on your door soon.
4) You feel restless-change is just around the corner
5) You are a traveler at heart. There will be many journeys.
6) Go after what you want: there is no time like the present
7) The architect of your destiny is yourself
8) Avert misunderstanding by calm, poise and balance.
9) A merry heart does good like a medicine
10) Accept compliments and give praise
11) All things come to him who waits
12) Courage is the mastery of fear- not the absence of fear
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No, it wasn’t getting the AARP card in the mail. It wasn’t baggers at the supermarket asking if I needed help carrying things to my car.

What’s really making me feel old is this Slopestyle skiing at the Olympics.
Skiing on railings? Skiing down the hill backwards?
That’s not how we did it when I was a kid.

Maybe I shouldn’t have given up skiing back in 78.
But, when your instructor is run over by a train while skiing, it makes you think.
And, he wasn’t even going backwards…

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