Very sad

Feb. 1st, 2017 08:45 am
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As I turn the calendar into February, the "Frank in Australia" disappears.
That was the best vacation we've had in a long time.
I miss it.
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I have, once more, lost my camera.
I had it earlier today. But, at some point it disappeared.
This happens once or twice a year. I put it down somewhere. Something gets put over it. Or, it gets moved.
So far, I've always found it.
Hopefully that will remain true...
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In a few minutes we'll be off to NYC to bring the godkids back to their parents.
As they get older it is harder for me to find time to write up our adventures as we have them.
(Their normal bed time is later than mine...)
It's been a good week. I've still got a few days of photos to post.

It will be a lot quieter when they're gone, but I'm still going to miss them.
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Today it has been 21 years since I like heard from my sister.
21 years. Drinking age here in the US.
Any who want to read the very long story it is here:

I miss her.
I hope her life is going well.


Feb. 4th, 2015 03:57 pm
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Don't you hate it when you're sitting in the bathroom and look down to say "either I wore tile underwear this morning, or there is a hole big enough for me to walk through in my pants."

I don't own tile underwear.

I do own a sewing kit. Interesting trying to sew up such a big hole in a small bathroom stall.
But, I don't have time to go home before the big business dinner tonight...

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