Apr. 1st, 2011 11:37 pm
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April 2nd is hereby declared a BFD.
We'll see if I can keep to that.
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I had posted a 3 page rant on why I’m still freaked out (you know who)
called my wife Monday. I erased it soon after thinking about advice I’d
been given before of “get some balls”. But, it was up long enough for at
least one person to see it, and apparently read it.
So, the upshot is, I’m still freaked out.
Anyone who really needs the 3 page reason, I can send it to you.
(Really, it was up the length of time it took me to walk to the bathroom and back. Some folks, me too, hit that refresh an awful lot...)

WOW/Oh No!

Mar. 13th, 2008 03:39 pm
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So the character I’ve been playing a lot lately hit level 58 today and I brought them to Outland. WOW players will know that’s a big step.
It worries me.
1 year ago today, my main character hit level 70, the highest level in the game.
A major step.
A year ago tomorrow, something very bad happened. (At least from my point of view, I know not everyone agrees with that.)
So, I worry.
Last year: major WOW step, something bad.
This year: major WOW step….

Hopefully something good this year. Balance and all that, right?

(Those of you who say “just don’t play” need to get a character…)

Still bad

Feb. 20th, 2008 09:09 am
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Another tough night.
She says we're making progress.
I don't even know what we're headed towards.
10 days left.
After that, I'm not married. I'm living with a woman who is "seeing other people".
I don't want that. But, it is no up to me.
If I express how much pain it causes me, I make things worse.
But, I can't not feel the pain.
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Time is running out.
I feel totally helpless.
I'm told I'm loved, but that it is a huge sacrifice to be faithful to me at the same time.
I don't understand that.
I'm confused, sad and running out of hope.

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