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This is only made up of video clips, not stills. So, there are plenty of things I didn't have video to use.

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Months ago I bought my tickets to see the new Star Wars tomorrow.
On the news this morning the weather forecast predicted a line of fast moving thunderstorms should come over my area just about the time the movie should start tomorrow night.

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We did get to see the movie. But, the curse continued.
Now, we’re home and happy to be so.
Spoilers about the movie as well as language I don’t normally use. )
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Decided to give another try at the movie. Left an hour for the 6 miles today and it took 15 minutes.
But the movie time was wrong and it was an hour later than we were expecting.
So, we're waiting the hour in the lobby.
We ARE going to see it!
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My wife and I went to see Jupiter Ascending last night, even though we had read a review on io9 that said: "It's like the sick love-child of Zardoz and Fifth Element."

But having seen it, I don’t think that is really a good view of it’s parentage.
My wife said I should write down what I thought might be a better idea of what is in its family tree… )

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