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It is the year of the horse!
Hope it will be a good one for everyone!
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Tomorrow is national giant rodent day otherwise known at Groundhog’s day,
and one of my favorite holidays. It is the day when everyone turns over
weather forecasting to giant rodents under the theory they can’t be much
worse than the regular weather folks.
The folks who keep track of these things tell me that groundhogs run about
39% correct. Random guesses run at about 33%, so I guess they’re a bit
ahead, but not much.

Some folks may remember that there is a family of groundhogs
that lives behind the factory at work.

I’ve been watching for them all week to get a clue about the rest of the
But, they have refused to come out for either the bitter cold or the rain
with hurricane level winds.
This shows that they are very different from TV weather people as they love
wild weather and go out dancing in it when they should stay home.

Tomorrow is supposed to be partly sunny. So, the weather is in doubt.
Rodent shadow=more winter. No shadow=spring.
It could go either way.
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On the way in to work today I put on my holiday playlist. There was a
clear pattern and when I could sit down and look at the playlist it was
30% of my holiday playlist is different versions of Auld Lang Syne.

I’ve got very traditional ones right through dance versions. But, I hadn’t
realized I had quite so many.

Maybe I should branch out and get some other holiday music.
Any suggestions?
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The turkey is done, not to bring it to [livejournal.com profile] yebo & [livejournal.com profile] zosh's along with my wife's pie.
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I am taken quite by surprised to realize it is only one week until Thanksgiving here in the states.
I know this is the earliest it ever gets in the month, but I am still surprised by how fast it is coming up.
I guess I better get a turkey soon if I'm cooking it next week.

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