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The eclipse was everything I'd hoped for.
Clear skies, good view, magical experience all around.
Very different from the many partial eclipse I've seen or anything I've seen in photos or video.
I'll get photos up eventually.

The trip home,...
Traffic wasn't too bad.
I left 7 hours to go 150 miles (250km) all highway.
Traffic just after the eclipse was high and only moving about half that speed, but we got to the airport in plenty of time.

Then, the airline main computer for the west coast died. No one could file flight plans needed by law to take off.
It impacted the whole west coast from LA to Alaska.
And, in a spectacular bit of planning, the back up forms to do the plan by hand were on the same server...

They didn't know how long it would take. And, had no way to even guess.
The folks on the ground were fantastic. They broke into the supply of snacks and drinks for us as we waited.
About 4 hours later, we took off.
I had left 5 hours in the plan.

Now, we're waiting in Seattle for the next flight to Boston.
The flight ahead of ours hasn't left yet and should have an hour ago.
Not a good sign.

But, no other connections. This is direct. So, even if it runs late, we won't miss anything.

Glad I left lots of extra time and took the whole day off!
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We made it to Seattle. We had problems with the plane, hotel and rental car.
Those are stories for some other time...

Today we met up with our friends Mike & Dave. They moved out here 10 years ago, and this is the first time we've seen them in person since then.

We had a very nice visit with them, even if most of it was sitting around talking and then going for various meals near where they live.
It was really nice to see them again after so many years.

Tomorrow, towards the dark...
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We did far too much today for me to write about it and get any sleep before going back to Melbourne 8 hours from now.
But, it was FANTASTIC!
Especially this:

A really, really good time!

Oh yeah, patted a wombat.
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Just about now it is 1/3 of a century since I first met my wife.

33 1/3 years since that party at Jack's place in July 1983...

In some ways it seems much less. In some ways it seems like she's been in my life from the beginning.

But, you could make a good case that meeting her was the start of my life. It certainly took it in a different direction.

Either way. 1/3 of a century is pretty good.

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