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It was 23 years ago today my wife and I got married.
Yes, at a castle.

I've published photos of it several times. So rather than again, I'm going to link ones from 8 years ago:

OK, that is cheating a bit. But, next month we're going to hit 1/3 of a century together.
For me that's bigger than 23 years married.
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Yay, it is my wife's birthday!
I won't say how old she is, but it's a big round number!
We're meeting various people for various meals today, but that's about it.
(Since getting back from Florida Friday night we've basically just sat around. It's been good to rest.)

So, happy birthday to my wife! Yay!
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My wife made these cake balls with a pumpkin flavored cake with a dark chocolate covering.
Photos )
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My wife already posted a fish video over on her LJ:
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My wife picked me up at the airport tonight. As we drove out of the city, fire works began to go off along the highway.
I have returned to Boston many times. Fireworks for that event are not common.
That's quite the welcome home!
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My wife apparently leads the gallery of the faire last weekend in the Pensacola paper!
Don't know how long they'll have it up, but here it is now:
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My wife just gave me a replacement pair of sunglasses for the one I lost in such a tragic way last month!

Actually, she bought me two pairs in case I do something foolish with them again.
She is very smart!

Yay for my wife!

(Still no word from the comic shop. But, I haven't been back since either...)
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My wife knew I was upset about the letter yesterday, so today when I came home from work she had balloons for me! I love balloons! Especially helium filled ones!
Yay! This made me very happy!

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