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It is -3F/-19C outside today. (Actually warmer than forecast. But, with wind chill it is -13F/-25C, so still cold.)
The local ski area is running an add that says "If it's cold, don't ski naked".

I had never considered the need for this advice. But, it is hard to argue with it.
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I turned on the Thanksgiving parade this morning.
Kiss was playing in front of Macy's in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade.
I have to say, I could not stop laughing for their entire set.
It was just so totally unexpected.
I remember watching the parade with my dad as a kid. He'd tell me about how hard people worked to get into the parade each year and how it was the best people from the US.
I don't know how he'd feel about Kiss...
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As many of you know, I like the products that Apple makes without really liking the company and especially not liking the store.
I’ve had any number of customer service problems at the stores as I’ve talked about a number of times:

But, despite all that, I was surprised when I got an email from Apple today that included this bit:

That’s right.
They have come to the conclusion that they are so abysmally bad at customer service that it will be better for them just to let me ring things out on my phone myself and go on my way.
I’m very tempted to use this service just so if after being ignored by so many of their sales people I can grab something, process it and head for the door. If they ask me anything about it I can say “I’m sorry, you now serve no purpose here.”
But, that would be mean.

My ears

Dec. 25th, 2013 12:08 am
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I often hear things in a strange way.

Today we were taking the monorail back to where we parked when I had one of those "what?" moments.

As we pulled into Epcot and they were telling us about all the fun things we could do there (assuming they were still open and they weren't) they said what sounded to me like:

"And, have yourself an adventure with our new ride Sauron!"

I looked over at my wife.
"Sauron? One ring to rule them all?"
"Soaring," she said.
"Ah, that makes much more sense."

I put it down to being tired and confused from the "let there be peace on Earth" fireworks show.
Peace on Earth. High Explosive.
Sauron would fit right in.
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When my wife and watched the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special we were very surprised to see the tent used by Queen Elisabeth the first:

Because, it looks an awful lot like our Phoenix Swords tent for our sword troupe:

But, we had ours for the 49th anniversary: http://fbhjr.livejournal.com/658452.html

Maybe this means some day I’ll finally get to use that Tardis key my sister gave me for Christmas back in 1976. Or, maybe the tent will use it…
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When I go to art museums, I always take pictures of the benches there.
Now the Worcester Art Museum is letting people vote on get to vote on new ones/a>!
This is the survey made for me!

Thank you

Jan. 16th, 2013 07:55 am
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For those of you where I said “send the cold weather back here where it
belongs as our snow is melting”, thank you for the prompt action on your
I clearly need to be careful with my requests... )
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My DVD of the 10th season (after 23 years) of Red Dwarf came in Friday. My wife and I watched a couple of the shows yesterday waiting for the godkids to arrive, but spent a fair bit of today watching the rest.
The only bad part is they only make 6 episodes every few years.

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