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One of the folks where I work just noticed I was driving Vlad the Impala,
not my usual Prius, and asked what happened.
As I described the accident he asked: “He still kept turning in front of
you when you honked at him?”

It’s been 12 days since the accident. This is the first time that honking
my horn occurred to me.
It probably wouldn’t have helped. And, I was using both hands to try and
turn the wheel fast enough to get out of the way.
But, I’m a bit surprised I never even thought of it.
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Mr. Hunt,
The repairs on your vehicle are well under way, but we are looking at at least another week to week and a half. The quarter panel and door are being replaced, rather than repaired, and there is a large amount of paint work which takes at least a few days in itself between the prepping, painting, and curing of the vehicle. Feel free to check in again at any point, but we will contact you probably by the end of next week to give you a better idea of when your vehicle will be ready.
Have a great weekend!

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