Sep. 22nd, 2013 05:24 pm
fbhjr: (Rocket)

There are times I really love my home city. Sadly today it was as I was leaving it , but better than never.

As my wife dropped me off at the airport there was a big crowd of folks being left off.

We did the runaround to swap drivers and get my luggage, but were worried about blocking traffic so only exchanged a quick kiss.
I saw a state police man approaching and got ready to heave my suitcase away.

"You have time to give her a better kiss than that!" He said.
So, I did.

In the security line there was a couple in front of me very worried they would miss their plane.
"You should ask the security guy if you can cut to the front," I said, pointing to the TSA guy with the Mohawk in front.
They asked.
"Is it ok with all 50 people in front of you?" He asked.
It was. They went to the front of the line.

All that and my luggage was 3 pounds under the critical weight!

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