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Our plane from Melbourne loads in 10 minutes.
It's been a great trip.
Hopefully all will go well on the way home...
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We did far too much today for me to write about it and get any sleep before going back to Melbourne 8 hours from now.
But, it was FANTASTIC!
Especially this:

A really, really good time!

Oh yeah, patted a wombat.
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We got here.
The second flight was longer, more crowded and on a plane that gave less space.
So, not as happy an experience.
But, we got through it, got our rental car, found the hotel and the WIFI password.

People laugh when I say we bring rain wherever we go.
In Qatar it was foggy and rainy.
In Melbourne rain and fog.

I wondered if it would go backwards south of the equator.
I guess not...

Tomorrow, we go pet wombats.
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The Boston to Qatar is a long 12 hour flight.
Over Ireland, England, The Netherlands and then a bunch of palaces I've never been.
We did fly over mount Ararat. I think someone left their boat there...
I didn't expect Qatar to be so foggy.
I couldn't see the terminal from the plane when we were at the gate.
I guess it is right on the ocean so it makes sense, but I never thought about it before.

Now 13 hours to Melbourne. Hopefully that will go well...

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