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This was the last week of my work’s walking challenge, so at lunch I walked a bit.

The walking trail near where I work has its own website.


We were interviewing folks again this week, so more time outside the conference room.

We got a lot of rain the other day.

I took the back roads home because the highways were so slow. It meant going past the dam in the rain.

The rain washes the rocks near where I work into the road, which makes it tricky the next morning and it is easy to send them flying if you hit the gas.

The rain does seem to make people drive badly…

We went off to the Japanese place for dinner.

My wife’s old car that we donated to charity apparently reached where my wife wanted it to go.

Friday was game night.

It was a fair sized crowd this time.

Enough to play Captain Sonar.

We played the card version of the old video game.

There was lots of visiting too as some folks hadn’t been there in a while.

We also played that french driving card game.

But, my wife was tired and fell asleep.

Saturday we wanted to see the movie "The Little Hours" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Little_Hours but, it was only playing about 30 miles/50km away.

So, we drove off there and were menaced by geese.

I don’t know if the geese put up these stickers or not.

We used to go to this area a lot 15 or so years ago, but not recently.

So, we went to the place we used to eat back then. Still there.

The cook is out in the open, so you can see him making the food as you wait.

And, we could see him sit and eat food from another place when he was done with ours.

My wife had the catfish as she has trouble getting good catfish up north.

As lunch went faster than expected, we walked about a bit too.

It is historic dam.

Looks like more stuff lives in the water than the old days.

We walked about until movie time.

After the movie we drove off to meet my aunt.

My aunt and her husband have just moved into a retirement community not too far from where they used to live.

They were keen to show us around.

Some of the art in the hallways was interesting…

They showed us all around the place.

We had a nice dinner, and then drove home just as the sun was going down.

Date: 2017-07-16 07:15 pm (UTC)
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Wow, you're still getting a lot of rain. Send some my way!

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