15 Years

Jul. 10th, 2017 08:40 am
fbhjr: (Merlin)
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It was 15 years ago today that I registered www.phoenixswords.com which is what I mark as the anniversary of my wife and I starting our own troupe.
I’ll grant you that our first show wasn’t until August and we didn’t publicize the troupe until September, but the 10th of July is when we said “we’re going to start our own troupe and it will be called Phoenix Swords”.

Since then we’ve done 335 shows. Many shows we do more than one performance, but I haven't tracked that...

We’ve driven 123,819.5 miles/199,267.7km to get to those shows and back.

We have had 101 different people perform with us and/or support us at shows. (I count people who help, even if they don’t go on stage.)
I’ve done the most of our shows having done 318, my wife 306. No one else has crossed the 200 show line. Tom is getting close at 193…

247/74% of those shows we did sword fights
150/45% we did fire
141/42% we did some sort of stage act
131/39% we did sword lessons for people
18/5% we did puppet shows
9/3% we did dance shows
That doesn’t add up to 100% because many shows we did more than one of those things.

186/56% of the shows have been at renaissance faires
57/17% have been at private parties/shows
52/16% have been at other types of faires
18/5% have been for business events
17/5% have been shows for schools
5/1% have been shows for churches (not at church faires)

We’ve done 132 shows in our home state of Massachusetts.
63 shows in Connecticut.
41 shows in New Jersey.
33 in Florida.
27 in Alabama.
16 in New Hampshire.
7 in Maine.
3 in Maryland and New York.
2 in Ohio, Rhodes Island and Vermont.
1 in Kentucky, South Carolina and Pennsylvania.
Our only international show so far is a single show we did in Ontario more than 10 years ago. I still claim we’re an international act…

It has rained on 78/23% of our shows, although that does not count the 4 shows in 15 years that were outright cancelled due to the rain.
There was one point when we were fairly new that the rain percentage was as high as 76%.
I’m glad it has dropped down over the years.

It’s been quite a time over the 15 years.
Hope things continue!
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