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Sunday morning our friend Al and our god kids took off for New Hampshire to pick up his mom to bring home on vacation.
But, it turned out Ben had forgotten library books at our place.
So, they stopped on the way back to Maryland and we all had lunch together.

It was only a 3 day work week for us, so we didn’t do too much. It was a bit damp and foggy.

Today we went off to retrieve our swords. A month wanted to go on the ride too, but couldn’t hold on.

We drove to another state (New Hampshire), went to a bank, opened the manager’s car and took out a collection of swords, spears and other weapons and then drove away.

(Good think the manager is one of our troupe…)

The clouds on the way home looked pretty big.

When the storm passed, there was a nice rainbow.

There is even a very faint second one to the right.

My wife tried to recreate her favorite cake that is no longer available for sale.

She did a pretty good job.
But, I’m not sure it was worth the work it took her…

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