Jul. 2nd, 2017 03:39 pm
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Saturday we went off to the Tower Hill Botanical Gardens near where we live.

We saw wild turkeys in the parking lot.

To spend the day in the sun I wore one of my hats I rarely wear.

It’s a fairly large place with many different gardens.

It also has nice views of the reservoir.

Nice paths and gardens.

Benches too:

They had one of those swirly stick installations my wife likes.

There are three in Massachusetts and my wife has seen them all.

It is quite large.

And a playground for chipmunks.

Some people even lowered their phones to look at it.

They have a folly there too.

Nice big open things too.

And, ponds.

Clearly, very interesting.

Well, I thought things were interesting…

They have some nice fountains and things too.

We ate in the restaurant that has a nice view.

We walked to another overlook, but folks there didn’t seem to want to share.

So, we went up to the top of the hill.

The path seemed designed to twist ankles.

But, we got through OK.

The kids seemed impressed that knowing one of these turtles names meant I knew the other too.

Then, we went to the "Secret Garden".

Everyone else found it too.

Lots of Pokestops & Gyms there. I took all three gyms.

Afterwards we went home and waited for their dad to show up.

When he got here, we went out for sushi.

Then, off to the "Escape Room" place we had booked.

We did "The Protocol" room.

Gabriele did a great job with the clues and we solved all of them and found all the "evidence" we needed.
But, we weren’t as good at finding hidden things. And, we didn’t find the key to get out.
So, we’re trapped there forever.
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