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Friday we slept in a fair bit and then went over to the Worcester Art Museum.

They do have some things you can touch, which is nice.

But, not most things.

They have a very interesting exhibit where an artist has made moving sculptures out reusable materials:

They have pillows on the floor so you can look at them from below.

They have motion sensors so they move and light up as people move around them. One time passing the gallery later it was totally dark. The woman watching the gallery said "no one is in there, so they are resting."

It isn’t the same without seeing them move so:

Then, on to the rest of the museum.

Ben is not big on modern art and complained about it several times.

"Did it give you an emotional response?" I asked him.
"Yes, I don’t like it!" he replied.
"Art is supposed to make you feel an emotion. Sounds like this is doing its job."
"Wait, it isn’t supposed to make you not like it, is it?"
"It is supposed to make you feel something, and did. That’s all I’m saying."

Although, even I am not sure the feeling is supposed to be "sharks wearing lipstick"…


And, ones you can sit on too!

My wife did actually study art and has far better insight into it than I do.

They seemed to like the renaissance court.

Ben filled out an on line survey they had there.

They also put out sketch books so folks can add things if they feel inspired. Some of us just look at those things.

Then, lunch at the museum.

Once fed, back to exploring.

They had another touch cart in the back of the museum with an archeologist talking about Roman things.

We thought it sad that this man’s name is not remembered.

Then, a quick stop by the carwash.

And, off to Art in the Park.

Missed one last time.

I think this one sagged since we saw it last.

This one seemed very popular.

But, not as popular as cellphones…

They do, occasionally, put them down. Or, at least lower them.

Ben helped with a photo of my wife and me.

The crane in the background is real. I can only assume it also came for the art.

Same with the turtles.

Then off to That’s Entertainment, the comic book store we go to. There was a big battle over the Pokegym there.

On the way out, we drove by where their father used to be our roommate back in the 80’s.

(It’s been vastly improved since then…)

Then, game night!

OK, a pick up game night.

Either way, there were enough people to play Captain Sonar!

Or, team battleship if you prefer.

There was a bit of a learning curve, but we got through it.

Then, pit!

We finished with Frag then Bang.

In Bang I was the sheriff and only got shot a whole lot.

Date: 2017-07-01 05:55 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tjoel2
I love that you guys go to so many art museums. Very cool!

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