Jun. 29th, 2017 09:24 pm
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This morning we went off to IHOP for breakfast.

We saw on the news that a driver near us did strange things yesterday.

Then, headed down to Horseneck beach.

It was a bit grey and not very crowded.

It was only 74F/23C which some folks thought was cold.

There was some interest in the public solar powered charging station.

And, the bird nest area that was fenced off was also interesting.

But, we were all glad to hit the beach.

Ben seems to dig holes every time he’s on a beach with us. Not sure what that’s about…

If the kids wouldn’t swim, then my wife and I would.

I tried to lure the kids into the water that certainly wasn’t cold…

And, they did at least try.

Even the birds came to look.

Ben joined me and we had fun fighting back against the waves.

They could hit pretty hard.

Some folks seemed happier to watch.

Eventually we did get tired and came ashore.

Then, over to Battleship cove.

I hadn’t been there in decades. They’ve added a lot.

Not a lot of room in those ships.

My wife was not trying to use that big rocket launcher. Nope. She wasn’t.

They have 4 big ships these days.

So, down into the submarine.

The kids liked the torpedo room.

Ben liked the engine room.

The rest of us didn’t like the small doors.

Then, on to the big ship.

They had guns pointed at Rhodes Island for some reason.

Do not do this with a 20mm gun.

Lot more room in the battleship.

Doors still a bit of a problem.

Including a full machine shop.

Including the kind of drill press I once knocked myself out with in 1986…

It was big enough inside to have benches…

Folks like benches.

On the way home we stopped for pizza.
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