Jun. 27th, 2017 11:06 pm
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This morning we drove into Boston and got croissants at the Swiss Bakery.

Then, off to the Museum of Fine Arts. http://www.mfa.org

There was a special exhibit on Matisse.

We hadn’t gone in last time as it was crowded. I guess it is always crowded.

It is interesting that they have some of the art, and the object used as inspiration.

They had an area set up to sketch some objects.

Maybe some folks were more into that than others…

I tried. But, it isn’t really my thing.

Gabriele did better than I did.

We went through the section with some old colonial stuff.

I don’t think these folks are relations to my mother’s Manning people.

I liked this one. (Out of the colonial and into native art…)

I also thought the musical instruments were cool.

My wife wanted to see the Georgia OKeeffe. Ben didn’t think he’d like modern art.

Maybe he just needed more explanation.

He did like the walkway over the city.

Then, we headed down to the restaurant for lunch.

For some reason, the kids didn’t seem to mind standing there for a bit waiting for a table.

We did spend some time in other modern art areas.

My wife and Gabriele spent a LOT of time looking at this one.

10 minutes later, still going…

But, eventually we headed for the exit.
There was much discussion of the archer and the beam walker sculptures.

As we headed out of the city, the weather got a bit strange.

A storm was certainly coming in.

And, the traffic stopped to let the storm come on.

We stopped at our favorite Indian place and got dinner to go as it was still a bit early.

Then, home in the rain.

As we got home, it looked brighter.

But, it was clearly raining in some places.

The clouds as I picked up more supplies at sunset were very strange.

Hopefully the weather tomorrow will cooperate!
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