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Friday night we drove down to New Jersey for the Mystic Realms faire.
Traffic was bad. The weather was weird. We got there OK.

Even if we drove past the end…

Saturday morning was pouring rain.

The radar said it would move past and go away.

And, by rehearsal time at 8AM, it was gone.

There were puddles, but they went away.

The show is at an art community and they have some strange things there.

But, folks came to our shows and that’s what I like.

Our friend Al took those photos. But, he wasn’t able to get any of our stage shows as we pushed him onto stage with us for those.

But, it is excellent that he and his kids join us each year. It is one of the best parts of that show!

Ian spent a lot of time working on his staff routines. At some point he’ll add fire and it will be part of that show.

As is tradition, after the show we go to the same Chinese place every year.

Sunday morning we were all happy to get up and go on with the show!

We did go to the general cast photo that day.

It was remarked that I have a talent for putting our tent in range of a Pokestop.

I did take over one of the gyms at the faire grounds and place my kangaroo.

The blue team owners came and discussed that with me while killing my kangaroo and promising to do it as often as it took to keep me off of it.

So, we went back to sword fighting.

The tree was very impressed.

Maybe there was a ringer in the crowd…

There did seem to be a fascination with my whip. The faire fight director who specializes in them came by and gave some lessons.

It was quite warm, but you could get drinks with dry ice in them that helped.

Sadly, I had to leave for a work thing and didn’t do the packing up.
But, I’m told it went quite well…
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