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It was a very hectic end to last week, then a show, and now spending time with our godkids. So, I’m very behind on things.

But, last week’s photos:

I was happy to see that the supermarket chain near us is now stocking my favorite Australian biscuit.

I finally hit level 29 of Pokemon Go.

I decided to update my iPad to one of the new ones. Should I worry that picking it up there was literally light streaming down from heaven?

Or, that I seem to have been stuck in a continuous traffic jam since.

We had our longest day of the year last week.

My wife and I went to Target and looked at the strange things on the sale row.

And, more TimTams.

As the longest day, the sun was still up after that…

Friday we were driving down to NJ. I was surprised to see me in front of me…

But, given the traffic, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that cars repeated.

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