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When discussing what to do on Monday the idea to do something that my wife and I hadn’t done in the area was brought up.
I’ve never been to Nantucket off the south coast, but have always wanted to go there. (OK, not always, but since 1968…)

So, we got up early and drove to New Bedford, that famous whaling port.

Even the ferry port has a whale skeleton in it.

We had been tempted just to spend time in New Bedford, but I am iffy on their whaling museum. Any museum on whaling that doesn’t talk about people killing whales has something of an mixed focus:

They do still have plenty of fishing folks there, if not whalers.

It is certainly a working harbor.

And, soon we were setting off out of it.

Once we cleared the sea wall we really picked up speed.

When I was young, getting to Martha’s Vineyard took 3 hours. As that is only half way to where we were going I like the fast boat.

There were a bunch of teenagers on board who were rambunctious enough to be told to calm down as if they fell overboard they’d be left there.

Soon, we sailed through Wood’s Hole.

Then past Martha’s Vineyard to water I’ve never been on before.

The ship was fast enough that soon I could see our destination.

And, coming into port.

We saw a nice ship there. It will show up again later. http://tallshiplynx.com

Once ashore, we found a nice place for brunch.

We went to the whaling museum there.

Yeah. They own up to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in favor of hunting whales. I’m in favor of not white washing history.

One thing I was interested in what a whaling charter than showed what cut of the money each crew member got. The captain got 1/15th…

They have a very nice roof area with a good view.

I do like scrimshaw. They had a lot.

Then, lunch.

(Yes, we had brunch earlier. What’s your point?)

We wandered around the town for a bit.

It’s pretty upscale. They even have jeweled cockroaches.

They even have benches.

Then, we wandered off to find more historical places.

But, got misplaced.

We did find it eventually.

I guess the jail cost the same as a whaling ship. Thick metal walls.

Then, off to a historical house with a somewhat snippy tour guide who did not like people looking around on their own.

No one knows which church gave up their windows for that house.

Nice gardens.

Then, a rest.

Then, off once more.

To the beach!

The water was cool, and there was no place to change, so only wading.

There were two horseshoe crabs trying to repopulate the harbor.

Still nice at the beach.

Then, back to the boat.

And, off towards home.

And, out of the harbor.

We soon saw a sail ahead of us.

Clearly the Lynx again.

Well, it was clear to us.

Maybe more clear if I used the zoom lens?

As nice as it was, it soon fell astern.

I’m not saying I played Pokemon at sea…

I think this is why we could get cell service when we couldn’t see land.

The fast ferry crosses very fast.

Nice lighthouse.

Soon, back to the harbor.

It was a fun day. And, nice to go somewhere I haven’t been before in my home state.

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