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[personal profile] pallid_regina and her husband had expressed interest in Salem. I agreed to go there as long as we didn’t got to the Witch Museum.

I’ve got problems going to Salem. My family left there 20 years before the Witch Trials and they seem to bear a grudge against that. They make it hard for me to get there.
Especially as since this weekend was the 350th anniversary of the start of the trials.

So, even on a Sunday morning there was still awful traffic.

But, we made it there.

And, everyone was happy.

We started at the Peabody Essex Museum, which is very nice. http://www.pem.org
Lance is big on nautical things.

They have some nice paintings.

They had a nice bench where I could sit too.

They still have the exhibit I like.

There had been a hall of nautical things we had planned on showing Lance.

Sadly, they’ve moved it to storage for renovations.

Ah well, there are still other things to see there.

One of the things I like about this museum is they give credit to the folks who work on the different exhibits.

And, of course, they let you take photos.

They have interesting exhibits too.

We also went to some of the outdoor exhibits.

Across from there we found a nice place to have brunch.

Then, we went down to the waterfront for some walking about before our boat ride.
They had a shop with an intriguing sign, but it wasn’t open.

While waiting Lance and I decided to walk around the historical bits and out to the lighthouse.

They had all of the mast and rigging of a ship laid out.

Don’t know where the ship went.

Some folks were just watering their dogs…

Or, releasing balloons.

It was clear from the signage just what they were saying…

Afterwards, we went back and joined our wives.

And, our ship came in.

So, onto the ship.

They also had drinks.

My seat had a cannon.

Off into the harbor we went.

At the edge of the harbor we raised sail and let the wind take us.

It was a nice warm day with a good wind, but not many waves. Very nice.

Very romantic.

One of the deck hands did Viking reenactment and saw our show at Plymouth College where he went to school back in 2014. http://fbhjr.livejournal.com/879683.html

There were things to look out for in the water.

We sailed about until we could see into the harbor south of Salem. (Marblehead)

I’m not saying I played Pokemon on the boat…

When we came about to home, the captain explained about privateers and fired on Beverly. The town, not a person.

No one returned fire, so we sailed home.

We did almost get rammed by another boat that was not watching where it was going.

Then, back into dock.

And, back on the dock.

Then, we visited a graveyard.

Apparently also romantic.

On the way home we stopped for Chinese food.

Then, went to bed early so we could get up early the next day.
And, with Moxie…

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