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The week started with more rain, which led to more of the tree byproducts falling.

I find it very strange that in the middle of a week of rain, the town where I work puts out its water shortage warning signs.

Wednesday was the day we were supposed to say goodbye to the old car.

The scorpion shaped clouds indicate the rain will end. Right?

Well, it did. And, everyone got in their car and tried to go somewhere at the same time. (Me included.)

It was nice to have it sunny and green when I finally got there.

But, the old car was still there…

The sunny days mean the pollen continues.

Someone found a hat and left it on a street sign. I find that an odd place to leave it.

No scorpion clouds, so all must be OK.

OK, I did worry about game night being washed out by thunderstorms…

But, all was well.

Some folks showed up we hadn’t seen in a while.

We played Captain Sonar.

Sadly, my perfect record at this game was spoiled and my sub sank. This is what happens when my friend of 3 dozen years is given the task of tracking me.
"He’s there," Yebo said.
I was.

We played a couple of rounds, but that was it as folks got to visiting more than gaming. Nothing wrong with that either.

We didn’t stay super late this month as had big plans for the next day.
The bridge home was very colorful.

Sadly, Saturday morning, the old car is still there.
They better not say any of that "we couldn’t tell which car it was".
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